Open Innovation:

It is the model of innovation based on collaboration and the free sharing of knowledge with particular the use of free licenses in an open source spirit.


The word hackathon comes from the contraction “hacker” and “marathon”. Hackathons are events 1 or 2 days during which teams of citizens seek simple and practical solutions to well-identified problems (challenges).

We have prepared a guide about how to organize a hackathon.

To participate in a hackathon, simply register on the registration platform of the hackathon that interests you.

Follow the projects that interest you thanks to the Open Geneva platform, the Sparkboard. You will be able to discover the challenges identified and contact the members of the teams working on the themes that interest you.

When you have more time, you will know where to turn if you want to contribute!

What counts to participate in a hackathon is above all the enthusiasm and the desire to take up a challenge that fascinates you! In each of us hides an innovator, so dare to participate!

“Everyone has an idea. But it’s all about putting it into action and attracting other people to help you work and improve this idea.” – Jack Dorsey, creator of Twitter

The Sparkboard is the web platform developed and made freely available by Open Geneva. This tool allows the promotion of hackathons, facilitates the organization of hackathons for the organizers, the follow-up of the projects born of these events, as well as the between the innovators and the acceleration program in the Lake Geneva region.