The Crisis and Resilience Innovation Fund

Together with the Department of Economic Development of the Canton of Geneva and the University of Geneva, Open Geneva has launched a Crisis and Resilience Innovation Fund, an open innovation programme that combines funding and in-kind contributions.

The objective is to adapt to present and future challenges in an innovative and collective manner by developing disruptive projects aimed at meeting the economic challenges of the current pandemic. This new measure to help the Geneva economy is also intended to support the actors of international Geneva and the population as a whole. To date, more than 30 Geneva-based organisations have already committed to the fund. More than ever, the time has come to implement collective intelligence with agility, audacity and for the greatest number.

This crisis and resilience innovation fund has 3 stages:

1. Identification of challenges to be solved collectively 

Geneva companies and organisations are invited to express their economic issues and challenges in order to collect new ideas for projects to be developed.

2. The Geneva Resilience Hackathon 

The Geneva Resilience Hackathon will be held in mid-June and will have the mission of developing a dozen or so successful projects that address the issues expressed by Geneva businesses during the crisis. 

3. Crowdsupport campaigns

At the end of the hackathon, these projects will be able to test the commitment of future users by launching their own campaign for financial and in-kind support (skills, equipment, etc.), called a "crowdsupport campaign". These projects will be co-financed by the fund to the tune of CHF 2,500, in the first instance.

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