The Open Geneva association is a partner in the Horizon Europe ULTIMO project, funded by the European Commission and the Swiss Confederation, in collaboration with the University of Geneva, TPG, and 22 other Swiss and European organizations. The aim of the ULTIMO project is to deploy an autonomous on-demand bus service in three European cities: Geneva (Switzerland), Herford (Germany) and Oslo (Norway). This project builds on the promising results of the AVENUE project, led by the UNIGE between 2018 and 2022 and conducted at eight test sites in Europe, including Hôpital de Belle-Idée, part of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), and Meyrin.

ULTIMO aims to set up an autonomous public transport shuttle service offering door-to-door, on-demand, 24-hour service.


Open Geneva's role in the project

As part of the ULTIMO project, Open Geneva plays a key role in co-creation and citizen involvement. We engage citizens through a series of hackathons and interactive workshops, ensuring broad and inclusive participation. We ensure we understand the needs of the community by facilitating open dialogues, gathering feedback and encouraging creative collaboration. This approach enables citizens to directly influence project outcomes, ensuring that solutions are tailored to real needs and expectations.

Our events

In this European project, Open Geneva's mission will be to organize citizen participation, both in the co-creation exercise and in the social acceptance of this future autonomous mobility service. It will involve target users and citizens in the innovation process behind the development of autonomous shuttles so that they can truly meet the needs of users. To do so, Open Geneva will propose a revolutionary citizen participation methodology that goes beyond simple interviews and focus groups. Structured co-creation sessions, solution prototyping workshops, and broader citizen consultations will be implemented to eventually create a best practice guide to better engage citizens in high social impact technology projects.

ULTIMO events in Geneva

Let's imagine the public transport of the future!

March 24, 2023

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ULTIMO Hackathon

June 23-24, 2023

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Smart City Xperience

November 24-25, 2023


Innovation in mobility

March 20, 2024


ULTIMO events in Oslo

ULTIMO Hackathon

January 10-11


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