Crisis and Resilience Innovation Fund

The new open innovation programme
May - October 2020

Together with the Department of Economic Development of the Canton of Geneva, the University of Geneva and the HES-SO Geneva, Open Geneva has launched a crisis and resilience innovation fund, an open innovation programme that combines funding and in-kind.

The objective is to adapt to present and future challenges in an innovative and collective way by developing disruptive projects, aiming to meet the economic challenges of the current pandemic. This new aid measure for the Geneva economy is also intended to support the actors of international Geneva and the population as a whole. To date, more than 30 Geneva-based organisations have already committed to the fund.

More than ever, the time has come to implement collective intelligence with agility, boldness and for the greatest number.


  • 1

    The identification of challenges to be solved collectively (May)

    Geneva companies and organisations are invited to express their economic issues and challenges in order to collect new ideas for projects to be developed.

  • 2

    The Geneva Resilience Hack (12 to 14 June)

    The Geneva Resilience Hackathon will be held in mid-June and will have the mission of developing a dozen or so successful projects that address the issues expressed by Geneva businesses during the crisis.

  • 3

    Crowdsupport campaigns (September)

    At the end of the hackathon, these projects will be able to test the commitment of future users by launching their own campaign for financial and in-kind support (skills, equipment, etc.), called a "crowdsupport campaign".

  • 4

    Co-financing of projects (October)

    The projects that reach their campaign goal and have the most support will be co-financed by the fund up to the amount of resources raised (minimum CHF 2,500 per project).

Thank you to all those who collaborated throughout the weekend of 12-14 June to bring forth promising projects for a resilient Geneva!

Discover the 12 projects born from the Geneva Resilience Hack

The crowdsourcing platform to support projects

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The Crisis and Resilience Innovation Fund will not restore lost revenue, but will create new opportunities. By participating in the fund, your main benefit will be to collectively plan and shape part of our business future on a solid foundation, as the fund's resources (cash and in-kind) will be directed towards rapid prototyping and user engagement testing.
By taking an active role in innovation projects, the fund's partners will benefit directly from the feedback, allowing faster internalisation and adaptation of innovation projects to their own needs.

"The State, the University of Geneva, the HES-SO Geneva and Open Geneva are joining forces to mobilise the players in the Geneva economy in order to pool the financial resources, expertise and facilities of the canton.

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The Open Geneva team is supported in the organisation of the Geneva Resilience Hack by various people from different organisations

Design Event

Maurizio Ranieri (HUG Innovation Centre)


Melissa Rudlof (com), Lison Bernet (illustrations), Natalie Joray (graphics)

Recruitment of participants

Caroline Widmer (Pulse Incubator HES-SO Geneva),Aphroditi Anastasaki, Marie-Marthe Joly(TungXten)


Abir Oreibi (Lift)


Bettina Ferdman (Fondation Fides), Clarisse Coeur (So alaska), Jean-Marc Zgraggen (SIG-Impact), Giorgio Pauletto (SIG), Delphine Bottge (Bottge & Associés)

Tool development

Justin Cornut (Swiss House of Brands), Matthew Huebert

Innovation Fund Management Expert Committee

The Open Geneva team has assembled a team of experts to manage the allocation of the innovation fund

Marc-Elian Bégin

CEO & Co-Founder (SixSq)

Prof. Michelle Bergadaa

Honorary Professor (Observatoire des Valeurs de la Stratégie et du Management - UNIGE)

Marion Jansen, PhD

Chief Economist(International Trade Center)

Philippe Leopold-Metzger

former CEO(Piaget)

Thomas Maillart, PhD

President (Open Geneva - UNIGE)

Nicholas Niggli

Deputy State Secretary (Department of Economic Development - Canton of Geneva)

Prof. Henry Peter

Director (Geneva Center for Philanthropy UNIGE)

Prof. Susanne de Tréville

Professor(UNIL - HEC Lausanne)

Caroline Widmer

Director(Pulse - HES-SO Geneva)

Our Partners

Thanks to the Geneva organisations involved in the fund

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