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Discover the support platform for innovative projects!

The projects born out of the Geneva Resilience Hack were able to experiment with a unique support programme by launching their crowdsupport campaign at the end of the hackathon! Discover the specificity of these campaigns

Discover the first fashion show for sustainable development!

Allure Sauvage co-organised, with several Master students of the Geneva-Tsinghua Initiative, the first fashion show for sustainable development at the Biotech Campus in Geneva on May 28th. The aim of the event: to show that green clothes can be cool.

#Project: Breathing games

Discover the Breathing Games project!

This collective creates video games to help patients with asthma or cystic fibrosis.

#Project : Billy & Hoppy

Discover the Billy & Hoppy project, born from the HUG#4 hackathon: an interactive robot to entertain hospitalized children thanks to an application developed with iconographies to break the language barriers with children during care!

#Project : Hackahealth

Discover the Hackahealth hackathon project!

Our media partner RTS presents the Hackahealth hackathon team who tells us how this adventure started.

#Project : HUG@Home


Discover the HUG@Home project, born from the HUG hackathon!

Our media partner RTS presents Sanae, a doctor at the HUG, who came up with the idea of an application that allows you to obtain an immediate diagnosis without going to the emergency room.

#Project : Comobilis

Discover the Comobilis project!

Born from an idea developed during the Smart City Hack in 2017 and then improved during the Mobility hackathon in 2018, the project is now in full swing.

#Project: Perched vegetables

Discover the adventure of the Légumes Perchés!

From their participation in the Smart City Hack during the Open Geneva 2017 festival to the creation of their association.

Discover the IBUPROFENE project!

A game to better understand how IBUPROFENE works, developed during the Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics Augmented Reality hackathon in 2018.