Do you want to engage concretely on the themes that affect you? To meet
people with very different profiles who share the same interests? Do you want to find solutions to challenges? To spend a few hours having fun while being useful? Do you like pizza and sweets? You are an artist, biologist, humanitarian, geek, social assistant, meteorologist, archivist, journalist, astronomer, nurse, engineer, developer, pastor, computer scientist,

Let’s innovate together to improve life in our stairwell, in our city, and on our planet.

How? To participate in a hackathon, simply register on the registration platform of the hackathon that interests you Discover the festival program and choose your hackathon!

Organize an event

Do you want to bring together people motivated around a common theme to find solutions to challenges? Whether it takes place in your professional or private setting, whether you want to organize a hackathon or other event (conferences, open house), Open Geneva can you support in this process, write to us at

Become a partner

For all our partners, supporting and participating in Open Geneva is:
- to register as a player of innovation in Geneva
- enjoy wide visibility offered by the festival
- enjoy a real appeal to the communities we mobilize during the festival
- enhance the image of an innovative and integrated institution in the Geneva ecosystem with their own collaborators

How to organize a Hackathon?

We have a comprehensive read that might help you organize your event.

2019 Open Innovation Festival in Geneva

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