Open Geneva is a round-the-year process starting in September, and culminating with the Open Innovation Festival in April the next year.

sept - dec 2017 | warm up & register events

During the warm-up phase, private organizations, public institutions, associations and citizen identify problems to be addressed in a practical fashion in the spirit of open innovation. Once a solid concept has been reached, they register events, such as hackathons, workshops, open doors, conferences.

As soon as an event proposal has been submitted and accepted, Open Geneva starts advertising the event to help gather community momentum. There is a focus on having interested innovators with desired skills.

event registration form

jan - apr 2018 | get prepared & organize an event

From January, organizers start setting up their event, reach out with their community, and if needed, gather sponsors. Open Geneva helps events get further established with additional communication around events. Briefing sessions are organized to help event organizers get comfortable with getting hands-on towards success in the open spirit of agility and sharing conveyed Open Geneva.

On a punctual basis, Open Geneva can deliver consulting to help organization, even though the objective is rather that everyone gains autonomy as much as possible. Agility rather perfection is key to the success of Open Geneva.

12 - 15th april 2018 | open geneva festival


Mind-opening conferences will set the stage and inspire open innovation for science, technology and society. These conferences organized by our partners are recorded and streamed online.

Hackathons & Workshops

Mostly on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th April, 1 or 2-day hackathons are organized all over the Greater Geneva Area. Topics include : youths and innovation, helping refugees, medical technologies, earth monitoring, digital humanities, smart cities, innovation for social impact.

After hack & Cocktail

On Sunday 15th April (afternoon), all innovators from all hackathons convene together to share their results, with short talks, poster sessions, and prototype demonstrations. In a festive and relaxed atmosphere, a cocktail is offered. After Hack is a unique opportunity to nurture across disciplines. For instance, a bioinformatician may share views with a social innovator, a physician gets interested in a smart energy project, etc.

may - aug 2018 | accelerate & follow-up

Open Geneva is concerned with the follow up of innovative projects and motivated individuals and teams. Participants and Alumni of Open Geneva share the values of open knowledge exchange for the sake of fostering innovation. Open Geneva helps advertise projects, which get direct support from the community. This support ranges from unlocking new business opportunities, establishing new contacts, but also helping bootstrap a solid use case by delivery of constructive comments.

Along the year, Open Geneva events are organized to gather the community and reflect on progress made by projects. Hence, Open Geneva accelerates innovation through the rapid circulation of knowledge across traditional clusters of expertise.