SonoCoin is presenting at Open Geneva, a notable Open Innovation Festival. The event promotes open innovation and aims to encourage development in science, technology and the environment. Open Geneva will include over 35 innovative projects focusing on industries ranging from renewable energy to blockchain and various other technologically related fields. An expected 500 participants with a broad variety of skills and backgrounds will be attending Open Geneva from the 9th through the 15th of April 2018.

SonoCoin aims to leverage the expertise and motivation of Open Geneva’s community to openly discuss the project’s technology and provide feedback on the following subjects:

  • Application presentation and walk-through
  • Commercial use cases – Openly discuss real world SonoCoin applications
  • Technical roadmap - Past, current and future software developments
  • Community optimization discussion – How can SonoCoin reach out to its local community more efficiently?

To generate interest, SonoCoin will be rewarding participants with 5 coins each during the event. Our team’s goal is to educate attendees by encouraging the download and exchange of SonoCoin is as a way to receive valuable feedback on the technology and interface. SonoCoin will be proudly presenting beside on Saturday the 3rd of April. Our team is excited to interact with and benefit from their experience. We look forward to sharing a productive hackathon with our local blockchain community.

About ecosystem aims to interconnect blockchains through what is called the Smartbridge. uses delegated-proof-of-stake as its protocol in which 51 nominated delegates are tasked with running the network. Delegates distribute dividends to those who voted for them in exchange for their support. ARK looks to connect blockchains by tweaking the code to become compatible with their own network. Once connected the protocol makes it possible to communicate and trigger functions on a completely different blockchain.

About SonoCoin

SonoCoin is a digitally encrypted audio file that operates on a proprietary blockchain system, using the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol to verify transactions. The SonoCoin audio file is a sound interpretation of a code that can be recognized and recorded by any device that reproduces sound. The SonoCoin solution is similar to Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer value transfer, with an improved and more user-friendly platform similar to PayPal. To reduce the cost for end-users, the service has been streamlined to a less complex lighter protocol. Operations and interfaces use a light version of the blockchain network, allowing for a decentralized operation with faster transactions. The framework also provides transaction flexibility across various popular peer-to-peer messaging platforms, social networks, and email.