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February: Filming of the organisers' pitch
To help you promote your festival event, Open Geneva offers to record a one or two minute presentation video! This video will be used to communicate with your community and will be broadcasted on Open Geneva networks.
Between now and February 6th, practice presenting your hackathon in 90 seconds and come and record your video pitch 😉Thursday, February 6th
Participate in the pitch shooting (location to be confirmed)
Register for the pitch shoot
March: Methodological tools for your hackathon
Hackathon rhymes with... Post-its of course!
As in any innovation event where ideas flow, the post-it is the essential material. But do you know how to use it properly?
Open Geneva gives you methodological advice to learn how to use this key brainstorming tool 😉Thursday12 March
Participate in the ideation evening at the RTS Tower
Register for the ideation evening

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