Did you say "doctoral student community"? Let's build it together!

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Graduate Campus

The Graduate Campus is a structure dedicated to doctoral students whose goals are to welcome, inform and support UNIGE doctoral students.

Thursday 18 and Thursday 25 March, 2-5pm

Thursday 18 and Thursday 25 March
By zoom
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Did you say "doctoral student community"? Let's build it together!

The majority of doctoral and post-doctoral students who arrive in Geneva come from abroad. This means that not only do they have little information to deal with the difficulties of everyday life, but they often have little interaction with their peers. These two three-hour sessions aim to break your isolation by creating a community of young researchers that transcends disciplines. This community will allow you to share problems and hopefully find ways towards appropriate solutions.
Three dimensions have been identified for the event, but are not limited to them:
- Exchange of experiences (informal communication between doctoral students);
- Exchange of information on doctoral education (rights and duties of doctoral students);
- Exchange of needs (information or training needs).
We invite you, doctoral students and post-doctoral students from all fields, for whom the notion of community has a meaning, to participate in the event. No special skills are required, just a willingness to find solutions together. The event is precisely the opportunity to look for solutions, and to lay the foundations for projects that can be developed in the future. In addition, advanced researchers from within or outside the institution (e.g. alumni) are welcome.