How to make International Geneva a hub for responsible security?

How to make International Geneva a hub for responsible security?
Security and Human Rights Academy - SHR

Security and Human Rights Academy (SHR) is a non-profit association founded and based in Geneva since October 7, 2019. SHR is composed of young professionals who are agents of change and societal impact, and whose mission is to train and raise awareness of human rights and ethics among security professionals so that they integrate them into their practices. Our activities are based on three elements: capacity-building, bridge-building, and awareness-raising.

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How to make International Geneva a hub for responsible security?

International Geneva is a hub that brings together a wealth of skills and fields, as well as undeniable expertise in security, human rights, social and societal impact, and innovation. SHR proposes, in the framework of the 2021 Innovation Festival organised by Open Geneva, to reflect, in the form of an online hackathon, on how to make Geneva a hub for responsible security, and on what kind of innovative and impactful solutions can be implemented. This project takes into account the SDGs and, more specifically, the following objectives: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (9), Peace, Justice and Effective Institutions (16), and Partnerships for Achieving the Goals (17).
This Hub could be a space for:
1. Democratising responsible security issues
2. Contribute to the development of responsible, ethical and humane security practices
3. To exchange and interconnect between security and human rights professionals, politicians, experts, think tanks, NGOs, IOs, private actors and the general public.
4. Protect human rights and preserve human dignity
5. Contribute to greater social cohesion
6. Building trust between different actors

Open Geneva can be at the forefront of this Hub and the societal issues and challenges it addresses!