For the 2021 edition of the open innovation festival, Open Geneva wishes to propose a new concept

Open Geneva's resilience is not a challenge: it is an attitude that has guided us since the beginning of the adventure. Today, in order to continue writing Open Geneva, after all the new adventures that the year 2020 has in store for us, the new challenges that innovation actors have to face, we have to rethink the open innovation festival, propose a new concept, new tools.

We want to make the March 2021 festival a great moment of collective learning, a place for training both in the skills that have become essential to continue innovating in the post-covid era and in the culture of open innovation. 10 days of immersion and engagement at the heart of open innovation to learn, understand the stakes, the opportunities, the needs and emerge armed, ready, to take up the new learning challenges for open innovation and dare to organise your own innovation event.

For our community of innovation event organisers, we will support them in holding their own event by offering sharing time, workshops on the collaborative tools we have developed, new event formats and thus encourage everyone to continue innovating together!